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Alli Michelle Simpson (Born April 24, 1998)  known as Alli Simpson is an Australian actress, model and singer. Simpson is the younger sister of Australian pop singer Cody Simpson,18. Born and raised in Gold Coast Queensland, Australia, she is the daughter of Angie and Brad Simpson. Simpson grew up with her older brother, and younger brother Tom Simpson, 9. During her childhood Alli enjoyed, surfing, skating and most importantly swimming competitvely with her brothers. Alli is related to YouTube sensation Anneliese Simpson.


When Simpson moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2010, with her family she began participating in many organizations and brands. Simpson is known for her fashion, and modeling.  The first organization she worked with was Defeat the Label, an anti-bullying organization out of Michigan. Along with her brother, they have tried to end bullying since joining the organization a few years ago. Simpson, and Cody also have a partnership with Pastry shoes, out of New York City, NY. Pastry makes high-top sneakers, and other shoes. The two siblings model for the company, along with others. Another company Alli works with is imPress Nails, also out of NYC. imPress Nails is a company who makes press-on nails. Recently Simpson launched her own line of imPress Nails.

When Alli first arrived in the U.S, she has been known for being a YouTuber, model, actress, and singer. In the first year she arrived Simpson uploaded videos on her YouTube account SoAlli.  In 2012, Simpson appeared in "12 Dogs of Christmas Two: A Great Puppy Rescue" portraying a character of the same name. The movie was the first credited movie Simpson had acted in. Since then, she has appeared on many TV shows, and YouTube episodes. TV shows she has appeared in include, "Punk'd", "Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards", and "Piper's Quick Picks". In 2013, Simpson started appearing in Awesomness TV's IMO Girls YouTube episodes. On June 10, 2013 Simpson released her debut single "Why I'm Single" to iTunes. The music video for the single came out the same day featuring pictures of Sean O'Donnell. Simpson recieved mix reviews from viewers, and listeners including comments such as "She's the next Rebecca Black" and "Alli is a very good singer". There is no news on if Simpson will release another song or not. On November 19, 2013 Simpson released het second single "Notice me". In the videoclip you can see guest appearances from Cody Simpson, Justin Sterling, Tommy Simpson and her love interest Tanner Zagarino.


Simpson has been touring with Cody on the North American leg of the "Paradise Tour" performing "Why I'm Single". 

Cody and Alli are looking into touring with their cousin Anneliese (mentioned above) around California and around their home country - Australia. 

Anneliese's Snapchat: lieselouu

Anneliese's Instagram: anneliesesimpson

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